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The OLO Story

Surfing is considered one of the most sought-after water sports all over the world. Its origin reaches back many centuries to the far-away islands of Polynesia, where people were first riding waves on boards. Back then, the best boards in old Hawaii, traditionally made from the best wood and reserved for the best riders, the Hawaiian chiefs, were called olo. The chiefs were the most skilled surfers on the islands, which is why surfing is also called „the sport of kings“.

The rich history and lifestyle of surfing is what inspired us to create OLO. To us, surfing is more than a sport: It’s the epitome of freedom.

That is why we strive to create the most excellent custom-made electric surfboard and bring the surfing experience to the next level. OLO is for the ones who make their own waves; the visionaries, movers, shakers and leaders.

OLO surfboards are electric boards that are unparalleled in terms of quality, design, engineering, performance and handling. They are hand-made in Hamburg, Germany, in the center of the world-renowned German luxury yacht building industry. Engineered for more rides, more speed, more fun. With OLO, every wave feels like the perfect one.